Clorinda in La Cenerentola by Rossini, Teatro Nacional de S.Carlos, Lisbon

"Carla Caramujo, very good on her aria at the II act".

Bernardo Mariano, DN ARTES

"The portuguese singers Carla Caramujo and Cátia Moreso, sang in a comic and expressive way the evil sisters Clorinda and Tisbe. Caramujo was very good on her aria di sorbetto."

José Luis de Moura,

"The portuguese Carla Caramujo and Cátia Moreso, played convincingly and funny, very evil sisters."

Manuel Pedro Ferreira, PÚBLICO

La contessa di Folleville in Il viaggio a Reims by Rossini at Teatro Nacional de S. Carlos, Lisbon

“ . . .The Countess of Folleville (young widow, fashion fanatic) was the Portuguese soprano Carla Caramujo. The tone is beautiful, legatto was very elegant, very difficult obstacles exceeded masterfully and she revealed the futility of the whole character with dexterity. Great peformance!. . .”

Recital with the Argentinian pianist Diego Licciardi at the Festival de musica classica de Esteban Echeverria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“ . . .un espectáculo increíble de la mano de la soprano portuguesa Carla Caramujo que desplegó su inigualable voz ayer en la Sociedad Italiana de Monte Grande en el marco del X Festival de Música Clásica de Esteban Echeverría."

Diario del Sur de GBA

“ . . .It was a terrific evening in Monte Grande.

We were expecting Carla to be good and were delighted that she is world class.

Her thrilling and powerful performance gave me goosebumps!

We have been in Buenos Aires for just over a year and have been amazed at the level of cultural prowess.

Carla's performance was certainly one of the highlights of our stay thus far. . .”

Valerie Hindle MD, CCFP Community Coordinator - Canadian Embassy

and Gary Hawkes - Counsellor - Canadian Embassy, Buenos Aires

Salomé in The Dream by Pedro Amaral at The Place, London

“ . . .Carla Caramujo is a force of nature, her voice adding nuance and individuality to what she sings even if the words don't make much sense. . .”

Classical iconoclast

Adele in Die Fledermaus by J.Strauss at Teatro Nacional de S.Carlos, Lisbon

". . . Destaque para Carla Caramujo que interpreta, com grande segurança e graça, a criada Adele. . .”

". . .A special mention for Carla Caramujo who performs gracefully and with great security as the maid Adele . . .”

Francisca Cunha Rego / Jornal de Letras

". . . Carla Caramujo superou as dificuldades que a encenação lhe criou (cantar num baloiço, por exemplo) e interpretou muito bem a importantíssima figura da criada de Rosalinde, a mais perdoada das mentirosas nesta ópera . . .”

". . . Carla Caramujo overcame the difficulties created by the staging (such as singing on a swing, for example) and performed very well the extremely important role of Rosalinde's maid, the most forgivable of the deceivers in this opera . . .”

Pedro Boléo / Público

D.Anna in D.Giovanni by W.A.Mozart at Teatro Nacional de S.Carlos, Lisbon

“ . . .Carla Caramujo é eficaz e convincente . . .”

“ . . .Carla Caramujo is efficient and convincing. . .”

Manuel Pedro Ferreira / Ipsilon, Público

“ . . .Carla Caramujo (Donna Anna) é dos raros interpretes a aproximar-se do estilo . . .”

“ . . .Carla Caramujo is one of the rare interpreters aproaching the right style . . .”

Jorge Calado / Expresso

“ . . .A soprano portuguesa Carla Caramujo (Donna Anna) esteve também a um excelente nível, demonstrando ter um timbre lindíssimo e uma voz forte. . .”

“ . . .The portuguese soprano, Carla Caramujo was also on an excelent level, demonstrating a beautiful timbre and strong voice. . .”

Paulo Esteireiro / Ópera actual

Gilda in Rigoletto by G.Verdi at Teatro Nacional de S.Carlos, Lisbon

“ . . . Caramujo was the only singer with an intelligent conception of the role and the only one revealing a true dramatic talent. Her Gilda develops from the innocent and dreaming virgin to a disappointed woman. The voice is warm and beautiful, with shades of different colours . . . alive with emotion. Her phrasing is of great sensibility. . . ”

“ . . .Caramujo foi a única intérprete com uma concepção inteligente do papel e a única a revelar talento dramático. Esta Gilda passa rapidamente de donzela inocente e sonhadora a mulher desiludida. A voz, quente e bonita, tem laivos de várias cores e um vibrato rápido, fremente de emoção. Fraseia também com grande sensibilidade. . .”

Jorge Calado / Expresso

“ . . .Carla Caramujo proved to be an excellent singer and actress. . .”

“ . . .Carla Caramujo provou ser uma excelente cantora e atriz. . .”

Pedro Boléo / Público

Armida in Rinaldo by Händel at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

“ . . .The wonderful Carla Caramujo, as Armida, sang opulently, with a pure and flexible tone that thrilled into pianissimo and swept elegantly from phrase to phrase. . .”

Raymond Monelle / Opera

“ . . .Carla Caramujo as Armida gave a thrilling delivery of Furie terribile. She has a voice of raw power and memorable tone . . .”

Neil Jones / Opera Now

Valetto in L'incoronazione di Poppea by Monteverdi, New Atheneum Theatre, Glasgow

“ . . . Valetto was the excellent Carla Caramujo, a vivacious young singer with a great future as a character artist. Her eyes flash, her head tilts, her roulades turn into laughter. . .”

Raymond Monelle / Opera

“ . . . Carla Caramujo, another opera singer from Portugal, is an exciting young lyric coloratura soprano with a voice of outstanding quality. . .”

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